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Cleaning agents FRP/PUR

Cleaner #1

Power cleaner - Aggressive cleaning agent for the removal of stubborn dirt on thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin residue in metal or polyester molds. Removes styrene build-up as well as PUR residue. Not suitable for epoxy resin molds.

For recleaning after using we recommend our acetone spray.

Cleaner #3

Mold cleaner - A multi-use high-performance cleaning agent for the removal and dissolving of hardened polyester, epoxy and phenol resin, adhesives, wax and PUR residue in polyester or metal molds. Paint stripper

Cleaner #5

Semipermanent cleaner - Cleaning agent for processing thermoplastics and duroplastics with semipermanent release.

FT-199 PU-Cleaner

Cleaning agent for the PUR processing.

Can be rinsed with water!