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Mold Protection

TCE-Fluid 435 corrosion preventive spray.

TCE-345 is a corrosion prevention spray for molds and tools to be protected reliably and temporary from rust. Proven for the storage of injection moulding tools or overseas transports. After spraying fluid forms a thin transparent protective film, that automatically removes itself from the cavity after a short time. Strongly water repellent additives prevent a “crawling“ in ejector guides. Clean molds are the result. Molds treated with TCE - FLUID 435 can stay corrosion free for years

Free from chlorine, wax and silicone. Dries immediately. Without mineral oil. Leaves no oil film.

Available in 500 ml Spray.


Product description

Mold Protect-H1; NSF-H1 approved

This product has the same properties like our product TCE-FLUID 435.                          However it is NSF-H1 approved.
Suitable for the production of packaging for the food- or toy industry.

Available in 500 ml spray

NSF-H1; 143613

Product description

TCE-Fluid 707

Wax-based corrosion protection for injection moulds.
Suitable for indoor storage or overseas transport of moulds.

Forms a non-drop film

Available in 400 ml spray

DF-40 Multispray

DF-40 is a multifunction oil.
Rust remover, penetrating oil and anti-corrosion protection in one product.

Loosens rust, simplifies dismantling and loosens jammed parts.

Available in 400 ml spray

TCE-Fluid 360

Corrosion protection oil / gun oil.
Protects bare metal surfaces against fretting corrosion and corrosion all-purpose, high-performance rust protection oil.

Highly concentrated.
Multifunctional rust protection which provides protection, even in the most extreme climates.

Available in 400 ml spray, canisters or drums.