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Super Clean Bio

Super Clean Bio is a highly concentrated universal-cleaner for the toolshop, industry and automotive branche. Almost without solvents. Dissolves fast and effective oils, fats, smut, animal-based and plant-based fats, combustion residues. Applicable for all kind of incidental dirt contamination in the industry. High dilution with water is possible.

Also applicable for ultrasonic-cleaning up tot 90 0C.

Super Clean Bio:

  • Dissolves stubborn dirt in seconds
  • does not attack in suitable dilution rubber seals, plastics and paints
  • strongly water dilutable
  • bio degradable
  • without aggressive solvent, acid-free, almost VOC-free
  • pleasantly mild odor.


Product description

FS-77 Foam Cleaner

Excellent cleaning foam to removes polymer and hard deposits on the mould..
It cleans pore and deep without conventional solvents. FS-77 is water-based.

Also suitable for POM-residues.

FS-77 contains just >2% organic solvents.