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Super-lub, Synthetic high temperature lubrication.

Super-lub is a synthetic high temperature lubricant with very good bonding properties to the surface. Applicable for the drop-free lubrication of chains, wires, spindles. Also suitable for the lubrication of molds (injection molds, extruders...) in the plastic industry.

Temperature stable up to 260 0C. Very good creeping and penetration properties. Protects against rust, very good water-repellent properties and works also under extreme pressure.

Super Clean Bio

Super Clean Bio is a highly concentrated universal-cleaner for the toolshop, industry and automotive branche. Almost without solvents. Dissolves fast and effective oils, fats, smut, animal-based and plant-based fats, combustion residues. Applicable for all kind of incidental dirt contamination in the industry. High dilution with water is possible.

Also applicable for ultrasonic-cleaning.


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Sept. 2013: Founding Befrachem B.V.

We founded the company of Befrachem B.V., which is a result of the increasing demand from companies outside of Europe. As we divided the different specialties over 2 companies we can focus ourselve in the main products interesting in the branche. the sole purpose is that our customer will benefit from this and that we can provide the best service and products as possible.

Of course the intensive partnership with our supplier Jost-Chemicals GmbH played a large part in the succesful seperation of the entities of Befratech BV and Befrachem BV.

This company Befrachem B.V. will only sell chemical products for the plastic injection moulding industry. Our partner Befratech BV will be your trustfull partner in other EDM parts and components.