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Release Agents

TCE-Fluid 020 Release agent, silicone-free

Silicone-free release agent spray for injection moulding. Proper release of all kinds of thermoplastic polymers.

Temp. stable up to 180°C.
Without aggressive solvents.
Not fatty, without mineral oil.

Available in 400 ml spray

Trennmittel-M1 release agent; NSF-M1 approved

Silicone-free, solvent free

World wide first silicone-free release agent with NSF-Code M1.
The product is acceptable for use as a mold release agent on molds that are used to produce packaging material that will contact food.

Temp. stable up to 175°C.
Solvent free.

Available in 400 ml spray.

NSF-M1; 143616


Silkonspray-H1 is a silicon release agent and a lubricant. For lubrication and maintenance of machine elements, chains, sliding rails, etc.
Protects rubber parts from embrittlement and lubricates O-rings. Anti-Squeak-Spray for filling- and packaging machines in the food industry. Silikonspray-H1 is a lubricant and release agent for the plastic, textil and metal processing.

Available in spray of 500 ml.

NSF-H1; 141774

Product description

Polytec - 555 with silicone

Release agent spray with silicone.
Forms a thin film. Very good release effect for thermoplastics and thermosets

Temp. stable up to 240°C.
Available in 400 ml Spray

FT-300 PTFE-spray

Dry release agent and dry lubrication based on micronised PTFE-powder.

Temp. stable up to 260°C.
Suitable for injection moulding, sintering, pressing and blow moulding processes.

Available in 400 ml Spray