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Lubrication Sprays

Super-Grease & PTFE Universal spray, NSF-H1 approved

Exceptionally strong adhesive and absolutely water-repellent lubricant. Non-drip and spin-resistant. Contains a high share of PTFE to improve its lubrication properties.

Temperature stable up to 170°C (short-term +200°C)
Reliable protection for machine parts against water and its influences.

Available in 400 ml spray.

NSF-H1; 143615

OS-54 Super fluid with PTFE; fully synthetic lubrication oil spray

OS-54 is a transparant, fully synthetic high performance oil-spray.

Contains a high proportion of PTFE for the optimization of the sliding and lubricating proporties. Also, the addit solid lubricant to reduce the friction coefficient.  Through the use at temperatures between -50 0C to +160 0C (temporarily up to +200 0C), this product can be used universally.

OS-54 is an all-round oil for the industry.

Available in 400 ml spray.

Food  & Industry Oil; NSF-H1 approved

Lubrication oil, free of resin and acid. Odor- and tasteless with excellent water-displacing features. Suitable for lubrication and maintenance of machine elements in the food industry. without solvents, silicone-free.

Available in 500 ml spray or canisters.
NSF-H1; 139894

Baker's-Fluid; NSF-H1 approved

High-temperature chain lubricant up to +290°C.
Native high-temperature lubricant for conveyer ovens and chains in large- and medium sized bakeries.
Also it stops squealing and prevents the transportation belt from getting stiff.

Available in 500 ml spray or canisters and drums.

NSF-H1; 139893

Silicone Grease SQ-24

Multi-application silicone grease with excellent insulation properties. Lubricates O-rings and plastic/plastic and plastic/metal pairings. High oxidation resistance.

Non-toxic, chemically neutral, withstands acids.

Available in 1000 gram reclosable cans or 50 kg drum

Super-lub, Synthetic high temperature lubrication

Super-lub is a synthetic high temperature lubricant with very good bonding properties to the surface. Applicable for the drop-free lubrication of chains, wires, spindles. Also suitable for the lubrication of molds (injection molds, extruders...) in the plastic industry.

Temperature stable up to 260 0C. Very good creeping and penetration properties. Protects against rust, very good water-repellent properties and works also under extreme pressure.

Available in 400 ml spray.