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About us


Befrachem B.V. in the Netherlands is founded out of the company Befratech B.V. which is located in the southern region of the Netherlands. Since 2011 we have a collaboration with the company Jost-Chemicals which is situated in Germany. Jost-Chemicals is a small developing and production company which offers a complete range of products in the Plastic injection moulding.

Due to their innovation, acknowledge and enthousiasme the company Jost-Chemicals has a strong reputation of high quality products. In order to fulfill the strong growing interest in the products abroad the European market, we have decided to concentrate the activities of the plastic injection moulding in the newly founded company Befrachem B.V. Due to this transformation we are able to anticipate together in the growing demand of
high quality, environmentally friendly products and achieve the highest standards of service and quality for our customers worldwide.