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Assembly paste

TCE-Metalic 600

High-temperature assempbly paste. Temperature stable up to 1200°C.
Prevents scorching, jamming and corrosion.
Used as paste for assembly and dismantling of screw connections.

Colour: black/grey

Available in 100 gram tube

TCE-Ceramic 610

Metal-free screw paste, assembly paste and lubrication paste for temperatures from -40°C up to +1400°C.
Protects connections against corrosion and wear.

Colour: white

Available in 1.000 gram reclosable can.

TCE-Metalic 620

Silver-coloured, high temperature anti-seize spray.
Used also for lubricating ejectors in the die-casting industry.

Temp.-stable up to 1200°C

Available in 400 ml spray.

Sihaf-2 Fittings lubricant; NSG-H1 and DVGW approved

For permanent lubrication of ceramic gaskets and control wheels in single lever taps, lubricating and sealing of stop cocks, rubber-sleeves, thermostats, high performance filling machines in the beverage industry.

NSF-H1 approved
Available in 1.000 gram reclosable can