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Cleaning sprays

TCE-Fluid 010 Cleaner

Highly effective spray cleaning agent which evaporates leaving no residue. Provides deep-pore cleaning and removes oils, greases, paints......
Cleans ejector assemblies, mould plates and clamping plates.

Contains no highly flammable liquid gas.
Filled with carbon dioxide and therefore over 97% active substance in can. Contains no chlorine, NMP or caustic compounds

Available in 500 ml spray.

Product description

TCE-Fluid 050/H1 Power-Cleaner

Highly effective spray cleaning like our product TCE-FLUID 010 but with NSF-H1 approval.
Suitable for the foodstuff industry.

Filled with carbon dioxide

Available in 500 ml spray.

NSF-H1; 143612

Product description

Schnellreiniger-H1 cleaningspray; NSF-H1 approved

Schnellreiniger-H1 removes grease, oils, lubricant residues as well as generally in production resulting pollution.

However, in contrast to the above TCE Fluid 050/H1 this dilutes somewhat milder cleaner more slowly, but also residue free.

Available in 400 ml. spray.

Verkrijgbaar in spuitbussen van 400 ml.


Formenreiniger 060

Power-Jet Industrial cleaner

Spray cleaner with special application within the metal- and plastic processing industry.

Filled with carbon dioxide.
Without highly flammable propellant.
Free of chlorine, non-corrosive.

Available in 600 ml spray.


Product description

Renox-Aktiv Mold cleaner

For the removal of stubborn polymer residues or deposits in injection moulds, blowing, spinning and extrusion systems.

Highly effective. Works also to remove labels.
Contains no chlorine.

Available in 400 ml spray.

TCE-Fluid 015

TCE-fluid  015 is cleaning during the proces at a temparature up to 80-900C.  

Is a cleaner to remove strongly deposite at injection- and blow moulding as well as on extrusion processes.

Removes deposite during production. After some seconds easely to remove or it desapears after a few charges.

Available in 400 ml. spray.

TCE-090 Foam cleaner

Aqueous, alkaline cleaning agent for maintenance and the automotive and machinery industry.

Dilutable with water.
Alternative to solvent based cleaners.

Available in 500 ml spray.

HTC-2006 Hot Mold Cleaner

HTC-2006 Hot mold cleaner is a cleaning agent to remove polymer and masterbatch deposits from injection and blow moulding tools as well as vulcanisation and extrusion machines at working temperetures up to > 250 °C (> 482 °F).

It is possible to apply the cleaner directly to the hot mould surface without cooling the tool.

Available in 500 ml. pump spray, cans van 5, 10 en 30 litre or drums of 200 litre.

Aceton spray

Aceton spray is a quick-dry cleaner spray.

For fast cleaning of bare synthetic resin, steel and metal parts, with no residues left behind.

Removes oils, greases, adhesive residues, synthetic lubricants and silicone lubricants.

Available in 600 ml. spray